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18/06/06 -

                   And we're back on track! Almost. So we've got this gig, yeah on the 7th, as well as this recording session soon after, so we're getting back into the jamming swing just after the exams finish, my friends. But that's about it. It's still slow, I tells ya.

25/05/06 -

                  Slow times indeed. So the band have gone on study leave (bar Nick, who's a day away from half-term) and we should be holding a jam next week, in order to get things cracking again. For some reason, I have an overwhelming (but not too overwhelming) urge to remove the spaces after each full stop. Also, the hawk-eyed among you (unfortunate souls) should have spotted I deleted the incriminating "peeps" from the previous post. Probably just Charlie then, but that atrocity should never have happened, and I do hope you'll forgive my lack of knickety-knackeries when I was drawing the comment to a close. Y'get me?

11/05/06 -

                  Yeah, things are slowing up, what with this week's art exam that Ben and Matt are involved in, but the good news is we're almost certainly going to Vada Studios to lay down some sick beats. We've also got this new nameless jam-song that has to be seen live to be believed, as well as some of Charlie's Finest Ever lyrics, entitled Red Dress (sugarbabes-stylee, baby). Keep those peepers peeled.

25/04/06 -

                  Right, Easter boogie-time's ended, so we're back on the writing game. Matt & Ben are conjuring up an ol'-school number, and Charlie's writing lyrics like hellfire, so expect some new choons in the near future. Also, we've just got a batch of the demo from the press, so they'll be winging their ways out to labels and the like. If you want to hear what's on them, fritter away your time in Music and our myspace-deeley. Yeaaaah good times. 

17/04/06 -

                 To be honest, that last post was a bit dissatisfying, so I left it a bit before trying again. Oh yeah, and some stuff's happened, like our demos are now being sent off to 30-odd record companies that've shown interest in us, which is nice. Also, Tim was rudely not invited to Hollis & Kitty's party, which was...an event. Finally, a bit more interesting, Charlie's just completed a set of lyrics entitled (The Ponies) Go To Number 1. Yeaaaah, Easter.

*EDIT*  Oh yeah, and if you wanted to hear our finest recording so far, Turkish [The Spirit Song] is available in Music.

9/04/06 -

                 Ahh...[BenMillerWheelerMarcus]'s Party went off relatively hitchless (minus a cable combusting during the intro of Turkish), and the party was bangin'. All our demo CDs were taken, so enjoy them as they're rare as leprechaun poo.

6/04/06 -

                 So we raised bundles in our auction for Ragweek, being bought by Emma, Tess and Katie who then forced us into drag before the Impersonate A Popstar 500-strong audience, showing off our rather tasty rendition of The Passenger (by Iggy Pop, fact fans). Which was all good fun.

                 Then our minds focussed like tiny, tiny darts on Battle Of the Bands (which was yesterday) in order to maximise our stupendousness. We performed live for the first time Give The People What They Want, as well as delivering some delicious Too Far Gone-baiting banter, which all went down a storm. The running was tight, with Circle3 eventually coming out on top by 9 votes, with us pipping Down in 1980 to the post by 3 votes. So yeah, if you had turned up, we would've been though.

                 We're looking forward to performing at the Alcester Rugby Club tomorrow for Miller and Ben's (and others') 18th-s-s, where we may well be playing The White Stripes Hotel Yorba. Fancy that!

28/3/06 -

                 Dang. The two songs we recorded last Sunday had problems (mainly due to the recording techniques we used), so we decided to give it another go the following week, this time throwing Bones 101 and I'd Give It A Two into the jaunty mix. Unfortunately, the bass was missing and the vocals were too quiet after extensive mixing, so yet again we'll head into the studio tonight, in an effort to have the demo finished by Monday. Yeaaaaaaaaah. But that's not the biggest chunk of news, my friends. No.

                A certain member of staff, head of music at AGS decided last night at "Party at AGS I" that while his music students could play in multiple bands (sharing the stage for an hour and a half), and his orchestra could take half an hour of the night. He then decided he couldn't even let us play our 5 minute set. We were, in short, cut. He told us this just three performances from the end of the evening, after we had lent him our equipment and Hollis had spent 5 hours helping him set-up. GRR!!!  

                But in lighter news,  the five of us are up for auction this lunchtime to raise money for charity during RagWeek at AGS. Wahey!

22/03/06 -

                 Surprisingly, we actually did record the tracks we'd been promising, on Sunday. If all goes well, Turkish [The Spirit Song] and Bright Young Things will be beautiful and shall see postage on our hallowed Music page, with the intention of our very first demo being sent off to record labels soon after. The demo is probably going to contain: I'd Give It A Two, All This Year, Give The People What They Want and Bright Young Things, in that order, ladees an' genulmen. Should be a cracker.

                Oh yeah, and Ben bought himself a beaut of an electro-acoustic. Wowsers!

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Here's a photo to look back on - our very first gig. Bless.

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